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Included in this pack:


Chilly Kick

Salty and spicy, this bar combines Indonesian chilli with 72% cacao to give you a sweet and mellow heat. Be advised though, this flavour is highly addictive!


Cacao + Pink Salt

Indonesian cacao beans and pink salt come together to form our darkest bar; the perfect balance of sweet and salty.


Raw cacao is the highlight of our darkest bar offering a rich chocolate taste and a wealth of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


Maca + Hazelnut

The subtle caramel flavor of maca enhances the nuttiness of hazelnuts to create sweet and crunchy heaven.


Maca is a Peruvian superfood that helps with hormone balancing, energy levels and overall wellness.


Moringa + Mint

Perfect for a quick pick-me- up, sweet peppermint meets earthy moringa for the ultimate mint dark chocolate.


Grown in Bali, moringa is packed with antioxidants and a powerful digestive and cardiovascular health booster.

Elevated Cacao 4 pack Spicy (pre-order)

  • Chilly Kick

    Cacao nibs*, cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, chilli powder, pink salt*


    Cacao + Pink Salt

    Cacao nibs*, Coconut sugar*, Cacao butter*, Pink salt*


    Maca + Hazelnut

    Cacao nibs*, Coconut sugar*, Cacao butter*, Activated hazelnuts, Maca powder


    Moringa + Mint

    Cacao nibs*, Coconut sugar*, Cacao butter*, Moringa powder, Peppermint essential oil*